One day this page will host an impressive collection of interesting files. Until then, why not read something below?

'Anarchy' Resources

Peruse the files below to learn how to make your own li'l explosions, and scorn other vaguely pathetic attempts at 'anarchy'. Just try not to blow off your fingers in the process, eh? Nothing dampens a young person's panache like stumpy digits...

> jolly roger's cookbook

> darkstorm's cookbook

> school stopper's handbook

> terrorist's handbook

MUDding Resources

Download the Nearlymapper PERL script to convert "n, s, e, w" paths to ASCII and HTML maps. Download Tinyfugue for a simply capital Linux MUD client. Download isometric graph paper to draw handsome maps. Read more about MUDs at > Gateway.

> nearlymapper

> tinyfugue

> isometric graph paper